Do cigarettes affect attractiveness?

Do cigarettes really make the opposite sex attractive? It turns out that yes, but women have a completely different opinion than men. According to them, a smoking man looks less attractive. The gentlemen, on the other hand, were quite neutral and pointed out that they were somewhat indifferent to the issue of smoking and did not determine the attractiveness of a woman. What does the smell of tobacco suggest and what is it associated with?

There is a belief in combining attractiveness with smoking. Psychologists claim that this is an image of cognitive distortion that is more common in the beautiful sex. Smoking women have such a conviction, which may be due to their own addiction. They are also more likely to find such men attractive, despite being aware of their addiction and the consequences associated with it. How is it, after all, with this attractiveness?

Cigarettes and attractiveness

Nicotine addiction affects men and women alike. There is a belief that cigarettes enhance the image and make a smoker more attractive. The study, which was carried out by Inogen, covered 1006 people aged 18-76 years with its experience. Initially, they were asked to indicate whether they smoke cigarettes, if so, which ones. The results indicated about 57% of non-smokers and 24.3% of smokers and 18.7% of e-cigarettes users.

Further down the line, more than half of women say that smokers become less attractive. According to men, the issue of smoking did not matter much whether a woman was attractive or not. The vast majority declared that they would not date a smoker because of the smell of tobacco. Women also stressed the issue of the lack of care for their own health.

Smoking does not affect attractiveness

Cigarettes do not increase attractiveness, but are a source of shame, according to studies that once and for all condemn the myth of combining attractiveness with the smell of nicotine. A detailed analysis suggests that smoking is not only a physical addiction. Very often, the desire to experience a short moment of pleasure and to avoid the symptoms of discontinuation of addiction speaks in favour of it. Consideration should also be given to the factor that indicates that smokers are more likely to feel a group bond. Cigarette smoking increases their position and indicates a certain identification. However, as far as women-male relations are concerned, these behaviours are strongly condemned.