What kind of gift cigar

A cigar is a great gift idea, especially for special occasions. Most often a cigar is a wedding gift, a birthday present. It is also often given on the day of professional promotion or other important achievement. However, choosing a cigar can be a challenge for the buyer, so it is worth choosing models with mild to medium power and delicate aroma.

Cigars may be classified according to their colour and strength. The darker the outer leaf, the more powerful the cigar is. The size of a cigar can also help you to choose the right size. The most popular formats are: Corona, Robusto, Petit Corona, Churchill, Torpedo, Perfecto, Lonsdale, Toro. When buying a cigar, it is worth to buy a special cedar wood packaging called humidor. They retain moisture and deepen the aroma. Such a set will surely appeal to every person.

What cigar to choose?

The size of a cigar is the most important thing to consider. It is recommended to buy cigars of small size, especially if you know that a beginner is gifted with it. If the cigar format is too large, it may not burn properly. Cigars available in shops are usually made entirely from tobacco leaves or made from several leaves wrapped around tobacco walls. The first solution is more luxurious and the cigar will certainly be of better quality. Such a filling is called a long filler. In short cigars, you can find good tobacco or leftovers.

Cuban cigars are the most popular on the market, but a large part of them come from Cuba: Honduras, Dominican Republics, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicarsagua. However, what counts more is the quality of the workmanship and the price range. It is worth remembering that for a newcomer the difference in taste and quality of a cigar may not be noticeable.

Is it worth buying a Cuban cigar?

A Cuban cigar will surely appeal to a person experienced in smoking real tobacco leaves. Then it is worth choosing a cigar of a slightly better quality and higher power. A beginner who has never tried to smoke a cigar at increased power may not be able to smoke all the tobacco. So it's worth choosing a standard size cigar: corona, petit corona, robusto. Not only Cuban cigars are of the highest quality, but also those produced in the Dominican Republic or Honduras are equally recommended. If there is such a possibility it is worth to buy a humidor, which is a professional cedar box, which is used to store cigars. Then it does not lose its natural moisture, which keeps it fresh for longer.