How to smoke a cigar

Smoking cigars is a kind of ritual that requires the fulfilment of several basic factors. For real cigar-smoking professionals, the very fact of firing a cigar and releasing smoke from the mouth is the most important element of this ritual. In order for a cigar to have an intense taste and aroma, it must be stored in a suitable humidor.

Humidor is a wooden box that is used to store cigars. Its original construction is supposed to ensure proper humidity of cigars about 65-75%. The interior of this box is made of cedar wood, while the outside of the box is decorated with other types of wood.

How to cut off the hood?

The cigar consists of three most important elements: head, body and foot. The end of a cigar's head is called a cap, which is cut off when the cigar is lit. The greatest purists claim that a cigar can only be cut when it has already been lit. How to cut off the hood? In fact, there are several ways to do this:

  • A bite on the hood - a method that is not very clean, however, and results in tobacco remaining in the mouth.
  • Puncture the hood with a match - a simple way that is certainly more hygienic and aesthetic than biting it off. Unfortunately, this method can cause many problems, so it should only be used in exceptional situations.
  • Punching is a small punching machine with blades in a circle. Thanks to this small gadget it is possible to cut out the cap. The punches are small and comfortable, so you can carry them with you.
  • Cutting with cigar scissors - they have an interesting shape with rounded ends.
  • Guillotine cutter - a small guillotine allows to decapitate a cigar with one cut. This method requires some practice in order to make the final result spectacular. Two-blade cutters are certainly more comfortable and practical because they do not jam like single-blade cutters.

How to smoke a cigar?

Just like cutting a cap can be done in many ways, and smoking a cigar can be done with different gadgets. This is most often done with a cedar match, gas lighter, jet (lighter-burner) and a piece of cedar.

Cigar lighting is a process that can take up to several minutes. The use of a cedar match may cause the cigar foot to become dull, which certainly increases the aesthetic aspect of the cigar. Once the cigar is properly lit, blow into the cigar's foot from the front to see which areas are glowing. It is worth remembering that a cigar is made of whole tobacco leaves, so the resulting ash will be much bigger and stiffer. It is not recommended that you constantly snap into a cigar to shake off the ashes, as this is not a commendable smoking technique. When you have finished smoking, cigars are not extinguished, but rather put aside so that they can extinguish themselves. Thanks to such a technique, it will not smoke infinitely.