Cigars for beginners

A cigar is one of the few mature men's gadgets that is considered a symbol of masculinity and respect. A cigar is called a glued tobacco leaf that is intended for smoking. The most branded cigars on the market are packed in boxes made of cedar wood, which is to deepen the smell of tobacco and protect them from drying out and moisture.

Cigars appeared in Europe in the 18th century and the interest around them grew rapidly. To this day, a cigar is a popular male gadget, which is most quickly chosen by mature people. Which cigars are best for beginners? How to store cigars?

What cigars to start with?

A cigar consists of an insole and a retractor. Inside are the leaves, giving the body, power, taste and aroma. The retractor is responsible for maintaining the shape. The cigar is also equipped with an external cover, which gives it a nice look. Cigars can be divided according to their colour: light, natural and Maduro. The latter is characterised by a darker or even black tint, which is the result of prolonged fermentation at a higher temperature. This process enhances the taste of the sweetness, which is dominated by chocolate, coffee, spices and earth.

The strength of cigars depends on the nicotine content and taste profile, which is most often spicy and slightly aggressive. The strength of cigars is also influenced by their construction and the grade of tobacco used to make them. The name of the cigar is derived from the seeds grown in the crop, which makes it possible to identify the strength of the cigar and its taste. It is possible to distinguish e.g. Eduadorian Sumatra, which means that the grains come from Indonesian Sumatra.

What are the cigar formats? He stands out:

  • Parejo cigars - classic shape, straight sides and round head
  • Figurado cigars - have slightly more original shapes, which often resemble torpedoes.
  • The country of origin of cigars may vary, but Cuba is more important because it never mentions the type of tobacco. Other types come from Nicaragua (heavy, strong, expressive), the Dominican Republic (light and cheap, classic wood smell), Honduras (aromatic, spicy).

How to store cigars?

It is believed that the optimum humidity for cigars is 67-69% depending on the type of tobacco. Cuban cigars need dry conditions more than any other, with humidity reaching 62%. It is recommended to keep cigars away from heat sources and direct light. Manufacturers also warn against sudden changes in moisture, as this also affects the quality of cigars.