5 myths about e-cigarettes

The emergence of e-cigarettes on the market has aroused a great deal of interest among consumers, mainly due to the increasing information about the complete safety of the use of these products. Over the last few years, many myths have emerged among electronic cigarettes. Which of this information is true?

Opinions on electronic cigarettes have given rise to heated discussions, supported by substantive arguments and opinions not supported by any specific research. Are e-cigarettes really safe for health and do not contribute to the development of diseases?

1 MIT - electronic cigarettes for smoking

E-cigarettes are devices that are not used for smoking but for inhalation. These devices are designed in such a way that no combustion process takes place. The e-cigarette does not contain tobacco, which releases thousands of substances harmful to the human body. In electronic cigarettes there is a special place where a liquid, so called nicotine oil, is poured into. The liquid is then heated to a temperature that converts it into volatile substances, i.e. steam. No nicotine smoke or carbon monoxide is produced during this process.

2 MIT - electronic cigarettes are as harmful as traditional cigarettes

Research conducted by one of the scientists confirms the assumption that e-cigarettes emit several thousand less harmful substances than classic cigarettes. The tobacco smoke produced by tobacco combustion produces about 4000 harmful substances, of which as many as 40 are carcinogenic. In turn the aerosol produced by inhalation produces only 5 of these substances.

3 MIT - being accompanied by smokers e-cigarettes is called passive smoking

People who are in the presence of e-smokers are not passive smokers because the steam generated by inhalation does not produce tobacco smoke. Moreover, e-cigarettes do not produce so called side smoke, which is characteristic for classical equivalents and at the same time is a serious poison for people inhaling passively. Harmful smoke comes from the tip of the cigarette and contains more nicotine than the one that enters the smoker's lungs through the mouthpiece.

4 MIT - electronic cigarettes are expensive

The biggest expense is actually the purchase of the device itself. Usually the cost of such a gadget is from several dozen to several hundred zlotys. However, this is a one-time purchase, but it is necessary to change the oils so called liquids and heaters on an ongoing basis. However, when fully counted, the amount spent on these accessories still does not exceed the amount of money spent during the month on traditional cigarettes.

5 MIT - electronic cigarettes are healthy

E-cigarettes are not considered healthy, they are certainly a better alternative to traditional cigarettes, but they can produce toxic substances such as free radicals and benzene. Nevertheless, the concentration of these substances is much lower.