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Acne in men. How do we get rid of him?

Acne appearing on the mature skin needs completely different treatment. Most often it takes a much more serious form, which turns into scars. Acne, which occurs in mature men, most often appears on the face, back and chest. Untreated acne skin can lead to unpleasant and irreversible consequences.

There is a tendency for acne to appear in people who at adolescence had to deal with pimples. Acne tendencies are often due to genes, but very often they are the result of poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance and undiagnosed diseases.

Acne in men

Skin lesions in men are often caused by changes in sex hormones, androgens, which are produced by gonads. The sebaceous glands stop functioning properly and overreact to the action of hormones, which leads to overproduction. A so-called hormone storm leads to increased sebum production, making the skin greasy and the gland orifices clogged. As a result, blackheads and purulent pustules appear. Acne may also deepen the presence of bacteria that develop in the absence of proper hygiene of the face and hands.

Types of acne in men:

  • Acne vulgaris - papules and papules and pustules, blackheads
  • Acne vulgaris - blackheads and efflorescences, located on the face and back
  • Hormonal acne - results from hormonal abnormalities, resulting in sebum secretion disorders
  • Acne pustules - pustules appearing throughout the body
  • Acne-pelvic acne - purulent cysts, appearing one after another, leaving scars
  • Acne concentrated - deep infiltrations and purulent cysts, which merge, numerous blackheads
  • Scarring acne - scars forming in the area of acne efflorescence
  • Acne lightning - the most serious type of acne, leading to bloody scars.

Shaving and acne

Shaving acne skin can cause some problems, especially when facial furrows are large. Then you should use only proven and gentle cosmetics and foams to shave, which will not irritate the already damaged skin. After shaving, apply a suitable antibacterial treatment to the skin. It is recommended to use disposable machines only once to avoid additional skin infections. For shavers, it is advisable to clean and disinfect the shavers thoroughly.

Treatment of acne in men

It happens that local treatment with home remedies or ointments does not produce the desired results. You should then go to a dermatologist who will recommend using an oral antibiotic. This treatment is usually long-lasting and requires some patience. She is never 100% sure that acne will not return with it either. Specialists recommend treatments with glycolic acid for discolorations and scars. Also acid peelings or laser therapy are desirable treatments, which should be performed only after a doctor's recommendation.