How should a man smell?

Looks and tidy clothes are not everything. The first, good impression is also influenced by personal culture and smell. Carefully selected perfumes can fully complement the image of a man. Contemporary use of perfume makes the person appear more well-groomed. How should a real man smell and what perfume to choose?

Research shows that men can increase their attractiveness by using fragrances. This is proven by the fact that women are more sensitive to fragrance stimuli and react even to smells that do not have a natural origin.

How does a man smell?

There is no clear answer to the question of what a real man should smell like. Many women recognize a perfectly composed note of alcohol, tobacco and sweat. Others claim that it smells best, fresh, well-groomed skin. Intense fragrances of perfume applied with an excessive amount of excessive amount, not infrequently instead of attracting, scare off women. Perfectly maintained fragrance on the skin conditions the natural secretion of pheromones.

Each person has his own unique fragrance, which is emitted in the form of pheromones. Natural human fragrance depends on many factors, including genetic factors, although external factors such as diet, the use of daily cosmetics and various habits are of great importance. If your body emits an unpleasant smell, it is worth considering changing your diet or go to a specialist.

A component that determines the pleasant smell of the skin is first and foremost proper hygiene. Even the most intense fragrance will not hide the unpleasant smell of the skin. Worse still, a combination of these scents can create a really bad smell.

Shaving products also give your skin a scent. It is worth using proven, classic agents with low intensity fragrances, which will not react with the applied perfume. The interplay of aromas will give the best result.

The use of perfumed cosmetics is another factor to pay attention to, because it affects the natural smell of the skin. It is not always a good solution, so it is recommended to use only gentle cleaning agents, such as natural soaps or cosmetics with the smallest possible composition.

How to wear perfume?

When applying perfume, apply moderation. Too intensive spraying of the whole body can lead to the opposite effect to the intended one. The body will be soaked in a strong fragrance of fragrances, which together with natural pheromones will form a heavy smell. Each fragrance should be tested on its own skin and allowed to develop before purchase. The fragrance notes of the perfume gradually evaporate. The first impression of a smell may turn out to be wrong after 2 hours of wearing a perfume. Last but not least, perfume should not be applied to clothing, as stains can occur.