Men's perfume

Perfume is an integral part of everyday styling. Fragrances give character, allow you to stand out from the crowd and add a little courage. Men's scents are considered more intense, spicy, while women's scents are considered more fruity and delicate. However, these differences are becoming more and more blurred and many odours occur as unisex.

Perfume can be adjusted to the type of character, personality and skin. With normal skin, most fragrances will work well and will develop gradually. Oily skin can cause a greater sensation than other skin types. People with dry skin should choose the perfume with the lowest alcohol content, but also with a strong, perceptible base, because not all fragrances will look beautiful.

What is the difference between perfume and toilet water? Types of fragrances

The fragrances are distinguished by the concentration of fragrance oils and alcohol. The higher the percentage concentration of alcohol and oils, the longer the smell will persist on the skin, clothes or hair. A higher concentration also provides better fragrance intensity.

Therefore, it is possible to distinguish perfumes that have the highest percentage of fragrance oils in their composition, because about 30-40% (dissolved in alcohol 90-96%) and they last the longest. Perfumed waters are about 10-15% of oils dissolved in 90% of alcohol. Toilet water, on the other hand, 5 to 10% of fragrance oils in 60-85% alcohol, and cologne 3 to 5% of oils dissolved in 70-80% alcohol.

The fragrance notes can also be separated from the more feminine and masculine notes. Most perfumes are based on notes:

  • Flowers - carnation, violet, lily of the valley, magnolia, rose
  • Citrus - lemon, orange, grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot, lemon, orange
  • Wooden - sandalwood, cedar, oak moss
  • Oriental - cedar, vanilla, incense
  • Fruit - cherry, pear, peach, apple, peach
  • Herbal - mint, lavender, thyme, rosemary
  • Aldehyde Organic Compounds of Natural Fragrances
  • Men's perfume as a gift

Knowing your favourite fragrance notes, it is certainly easier to choose a perfume for men. It is believed that an ideal fragrance composition has some woody, herbal or leather scent. When choosing a perfume, it is worth remembering that some fragrances will work better in summer and others in winter. Unfortunately, not all fragrances remain on the skin for as long as the manufacturer predicts. Everything depends on the individual pH of the skin, which is not influenced by us. However, there are ways to extend the shelf life of your fragrance. Perfume can be applied to moisturized skin and applied in places where the pulse is best felt. Do not rub after applying the perfume.