Men's perfume ranking

More than for cosmetics, gentlemen focus their attention on the choice of perfumes. Men's fragrances are strong, expressive and long-lasting. Perfumes can make a lot of fun, and at the same time emphasize the individual style and originality. Men's scents should be adapted to the character of the person. What perfumes are at the top of the most popular men's fragrances?

The fragrance should reflect style and individuality. Men's scents are based on fruit, plant and spice notes. Dominant are quite original combinations, strong and sharp fragrances, which are supposed to indicate elegance, courage and professionalism.

Men's perfume ranking

The combination includes male fragrance positions with strong and expressive notes that attract attention. These perfumes are the most frequently chosen fragrances by men and women who decide to buy them as a gift.

Chanel, Allure Homme - one of the most top fragrances in the world, chosen by celebrities. It has a very serious, elegant fragrance that awakens distance. It will be best composed with personalities who are serious, classy and elegant. Perfumes have an extraordinary composition, which consists mainly of strong musk, bergamot, coconut, lavender and many spices. The whole creates a long-lasting blend on the skin of every man.

Diesel, Only The Brave - a perfume for men who like to seduce women and are brave enough to attract attention. These perfumes have a really impressive set of notes such as violet, ambergris, lemon, leather and cedar. This energizing combination gives a lot of freshness and arouses interest.

3. Yves Saint Laurent, La Nuit De L'Homme - a sophisticated fragrance that all men will not like. Perfume helps to emphasize character and stand out from the crowd. Her composition includes notes of bergamot, cedar and coumarin. Interestingly, the perfumes are available in both day and night versions.

Dolce & Gabbana, The One For Men - a very distinct and powerful fragrance that leaves a tail behind. It has an original composition of basil, ambergris, coriander, orange flower and tobacco. It is a fragrance for determined men who appreciate professionalism. Intense scent of perfume emphasizes character, courage and charisma.

Hugo Boss, Dark Blue - an oriental fragrance proposal that contains notes of orange, lemon, ginger and grapefruit. These perfumes will certainly add life energy and make you feel positive. Addition of mahogany, geranium and sage will introduce some mystery. A unique fragrance that stays in the memory of the opposite sex for a long time. It's great for the holiday season.