The oldest male perfume - cologne

Cologne is a type of toilet water made up of an alcoholic solution and essential oils. A universal fragrance that has become world-famous. Original cologne water is still produced today based on Johann Maria Farina's recipe. This unusual composition is dominated by fruit and spicy aromas. Initially, cologne was used by both women and men.

The traditional fragrance of Eau de Cologne has a rich composition of essential oils: bergamot, lemon, orange (head note), lavender and rosemary (heart note), nerola (base note). It happens that the quantitative ratio is subject to modifications, which remains a secret for the manufacturers. Interestingly, cologne was initially advertised as a facial cosmetic, and later it was associated with shaving.

Original cologne

Perfumes inspired by traditional cologne are mostly sharp, but you can find slightly milder tones of green in them. Tonka broad beans resemble a slight aroma of fresh hay. This fragrance is associated with shaving foam of one of the most popular brands for men. This fragrance can only be worn by men because of its intensity.

Homemade cologne - how to do it?

Perfumes are usually sold with synthetic fragrances, which can be toxic to some people. Creating an individual fragrance is a way to show individuality. Men's homemade cologne can be a wonderful introduction to the world of wonderful aromas. The search for combinations of aromas and their intensities becomes an extraordinary experience.

A recipe for homemade cologne:

  • Five drops of essential oil from cedarwood,
  • Three drops of essential oil from bergamot,
  • 2 drops of essential oil from sandalwood,
  • 300 milliliters of 70 percent alcohol or vodka,
  • Glass bottle for perfume
  • Preparation is nothing more than mixing all the ingredients together and then pouring the liquid into a glass bottle. Some essential oils, e.g. citrus, have the ability to acidic properties, so it is important to store the smell in a glass bottle, never in plastic.

Additional information:

Bergamot oil perfectly moisturizes hair. It has properties that prevent fatty hair. Bergamot oil removes all germs. The product can be added not only to hair shampoo, but also to toothpaste or facial cleanser. Two to five drops of oil provide great nourishment for skin and hair. Interestingly, bergamot oil is part of Earl Grey tea, which supports digestion and hormone secretion, and additionally improves the mood and appearance of the skin.