Potency disorder

Acupressure on potentials

Massages, acupressure or water whips are unconventional medical methods that have helped men in moments of reduced libido for centuries. Sitting life style, high level of oxidative stress, bad diet are just some of the reasons for reduced sexual performance, which takes away the desire from intercourse.

The problems concern a much larger number of men than potentially expected. Unfortunately, a large proportion of you still prefer to take supplements of unknown action and origin rather than have a specialist sexologist. An interesting solution may be acupressure, which relaxes the body and allows you to relax. What massages should be used to make the effects most noticeable?

Acupressure for potency disorder

Acupressure is any treatment that involves pressing down on certain places on your feet. This method is used in men by pressing on sensory receptors located on the heels. The treatment consists in bending the legs in the knee and pressing the heel gently. Start with gentle touches to get the nervous system used to the pressure and then gradually increase its strength. Each heel should be pressed for an average of 5 minutes.

Acupressure specialists claim that women react more than men to pressure points along the lumbar and sacral spine at a distance of about 3 cm from vertebral processes. Such a body massage can become a part of the foreplay, which will allow you to enter a comfortable atmosphere for both men and women.

Ear acupressure has its advantages, too. The receptors there, like the ones placed on the feet, make a nice impression that relaxes the body. Pressing the sensory receptors improves circulation in blood vessels, which affects the stimulation of genitals. Such a massage can have a positive effect on a man who is struggling with potency problems.

Water whips for erectile dysfunction

Water whips are one of the newest methods of treatment with unconventional methods of male impotence. It was found that water whips increase sex drive by increasing sexual activity. Water whipping should be applied to the lower abdomen. A strong current of water should be alternating, once warm and once cold. Then the bodily impressions will be even better. Gentle spraying can also be applied to the testicles, but be careful.

Such methods of male potency are especially suitable for men who overheat intimate places. As it turns out, this is one of the main factors of sexual aberration, because there is a hormonal imbalance. Hydrotherapy can also be used by women who experience a decrease in libido.