Potency disorder

How does shisha affect potency?

Shisha has also been used by Poles for many years. But not many people are aware of side effects which are caused by breathing tobacco smoke. It is smoked by keen smokers, as well as by people who have nothing to do with cigarettes. Shisha is undoubtedly gentle because it does not produce a pungent fragrance. Is the shisha really safe?

The water pipe is most often smoked in company. In Arabic countries for years is an indispensable element of social meetings, during which the dishes are filled with water and tobacco. Also in Poland, shisha has become a popular element of many events, sometimes it can also be a variety of a gala dinner in a restaurant. How does a water pipe work and is it really as healthy as it is potentially said to be?

Shisha - action

The water pipe is equipped with a special container for fruit tobacco, which is heated by means of charcoal or coconut shells. When the coal is ignited, tobacco smoke enters the pitcher, partially filled with water, and is then drawn in by the smoker using a hose integrated in the pipe.

The special construction of the water pipe means that it does not produce a bad smelly smell, but is gentle. This certainly encourages women to smoke shisha. Sometimes this smell is stunningly aromatic. An unquestionable advantage is the lack of smoke deposits on hair, skin or clothes. Does not irritate the nostrils, does not cause unpleasant sensations.

Does shisha affect potency?

Smoking shisha is not, above all, a healthy habit, as it leads to the intake of large amounts of tobacco smoke. It is estimated that an hour with a water pipe is equivalent to 100 smoked cigarettes. It should also be taken into account that smoking a water pipe is much longer than burning a single cigarette, so the risk of absorbing toxic substances is almost incomparable.

Does smoking shisha affect potency? Yeah, I'm sure it is. If smoking is toxic to the body and causes a lack of improvement in the blood flow to the reproductive organs, smoking shisha in the long term can cause real damage to the health of men and women. Smoking shisha also leads to similar respiratory disorders. It is equally dangerous to heat a pipe electrically, not with charcoal. When the shisha is ignited in this way, the carbon monoxide emitted is increased by up to 90%. During electric heating, the concentration of acrolein also increases, which is responsible for the development of lung cancer in smokers.