Potency disorder

Celery juice for potency

Instead of taking tablets or capsules of unknown origin and action, it is worth looking for simple and proven methods to raise libido. Stem celery is a vegetable that contains a number of beneficial compounds and pheromones that attract the attention of the opposite sex. The juice from celery will improve potency and stimulate the sexual sphere.

Stem celery as a rare vegetable has infinite resources of pheromones, chemical compounds that affect the center of the central nervous system, stimulating the sexual sphere. Eating even a small amount of celery influences the secretion of androsterone and androstenol.

Celery for potency

Stem celery shows a wealth of amino acids, including arginine, which is responsible for the contraction of blood vessels. In the human body, arginine is converted into nitric oxide, which improves blood flow and enhances sexual sensations. Gentlemen who are struggling with impotence, it is essential for their diet to implement a drink of celery juice, which will strengthen their bodies and make them regain their lost form.

Celery for potency

Men who have a problem with their own sexual performance should more often reach for celery, which has a real richness of folic acid, B vitamins, vitamin K, and vitamin C. The men who have a problem with their own sexual performance should reach for celery, which shows a real richness of folic acid, vitamins from group B, vitamin K and vitamin C. In the celery cultivar you can also find amounts of beta-carotene and provitamin A. Its natural properties increase potency, which is caused by the production of more male hormone. Interestingly, celery has a similar effect to the products available in pharmacies, which are considered to be erectile supplements. In particular, celery is a healthier alternative because it is a vegetable and has absolutely no side effects. Its natural action supports not only the hormonal and reproductive systems. The celery has a stimulating effect on the circulation, which translates into better blood supply to the genitals.

Celery juice - how to prepare

Consuming raw ribbed celery allows you to take in a full amount of its valuable compounds. If you find it difficult to eat raw celery, you can prepare a juice or cocktail from it. In order to soothe the aroma of celery, it is advisable to combine it with an apple. Therefore, 3 apples and 3 stalks of celery should be placed in the juicer. An equally valuable solution is the preparation of pig irons based on celery.