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A ranking of favorite watches for men

Watch is an inseparable part of many men's styling. An elegant watch with a timeless design is an important element of a man's image. The number of cult models of watches of recognized brands, which tempt with reliable mechanism and modern solutions, is gradually increasing every year.

The comparison includes models from the middle and higher price shelves. The ranking was based on customer feedback and the number of copies sold. The comparison reflects current trends and shows the current taste of most men.

  • Diesel MrDaddy 2.0 DZ7370 - has a quartz mechanism, a date stamp on which it is possible to set the time in 4 zones. A slide made of steel, like a bracelet that is plastic-coated. It has an original packaging and a look that places it at the top of the ranking, due to its modernity and high quality.
  • Szturmanskie Gagarin 2609-3725127 - male watch driven by a mechanical mechanism with manual tension. It has a beige-coloured shield, which is covered by a mineral slide. The watch has a watertightness of 5 ATM (50m). This means that you can shower freely with your watch, but it is not recommended to swim in it. A certain advantage of this watch is the glass lid, which allows you to watch the work of the movement.
  • Casio Edifice EF-527D-1AVEF - the combination of functionality and interesting design are distinctive features. This watch is included in the Edifice collection. The Japanese watch mechanism makes it one of the best watches in the world. Casio produces advanced electronic equipment on all continents.
  • Festina Extra F20248/2 - The watch has a leather strap and its dial is covered with anti-allergic stainless steel, which does not cause any allergic reactions or skin irritations at all. This model is distinguished by a round envelope and a quartz mechanism that is battery-powered.
  • Lorus Classic RL427AX9G - male watch, which is a combination of functionality and interesting design, has a wide envelope. The customers of the Lorus brand are primarily people who value high quality and workmanship at an attractive price. The watches attract attention with their elegant design.
  • Festina Extra F20250/1 - one of the most classic men's watches, which is chosen by men who appreciate simple and luxurious design. The watch has a stainless steel strap. His type is analog. The watch is from the collection: EXTRA.
  • Casio Lineage LCW-M170D-1AER - a watch model that belongs to the Waveceptor family. It has a wide envelope. Japanese precision and the highest level of workmanship make the watch popular on all continents.