How do I care for my smoker's skin?

Smoker's skin is characterized by the presence of discolorations and dirt. Its colour changes on the ground, which makes the face lose its expressiveness and become grey. Cigarette smoke that is inhaled contains over 4000 thousand toxic substances, which have a negative effect on skin collagen fibers, leading to loss of firmness and general depression of the skin structure.

Cigarette smoking has a significant impact on human health. The worst effect on the respiratory system is caused by direct contact with the mucous membrane. Toxic substances are then transferred to the bloodstream. Cigarette smoking also affects the skin. The collagen and elastin synthesis process is slowed down, causing skin thinning and wrinkles.

Characteristics of smoker's skin

The smoker can be recognized by the appearance of the skin, which is gray and earthy, devoid of expression and shine. With age, furrows and discolourations appear, as well as wrinkles. Smoker's skin is also characterized by dryness and hypoxia. She lacks hydration and nutrition. Collagen fibers are damaged and the skin becomes flabby with age. Smokers are characterised by wrinkles around their mouths, which are more pronounced in women than in men. Smoker wrinkles appear as a result of continuous cigarette insertion into the mouth and dragging. It leads to narrowing of blood vessel walls, hypoxia of skin tissues and destruction of collagen fibers in the lip red.

Smoker's skin has abnormal cell renewal process. In non-smokers, newly formed cells die, exfoliate and are then replaced by new ones. Smokers age faster due to the lack of proper functioning of cellular renewal.

How do I care for my smoker's skin?

Smokers' skin needs exceptional care like no other, but the best way to improve its quality is of course to quit smoking. In home care it is worth to use cosmetics that include collagen, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, vitamins A, C and E. It is also possible to introduce masks for care, preferably those based on argan oil.

In the case of professional care, the focus is increasingly on treatments performed by cosmetologists and aesthetic medicine doctors. The most frequently performed treatments are needle mesotherapy, which effectively deals with hypoxic skin. Oxybrasion, which uses the action of pure oxygen and physiological salt, is also performed at least as frequently.

In case of appearance of numerous wrinkles of the smoker, a fractional laser is used, which gives the skin the maximum dose of hyaluronic acid.