Cuban cigars

There is a reason why Cuban cigars are considered the best in the world. It is in Cuba that there are many factories that produce cigars exported all over the world. Cuban cigars are valued for their top quality, traditions and prices, which, however, in the case of several types are not among the lowest.

Originally, smoking cigars in Cuba was associated with religious rituals. Tobacco was smoked in corn leaves, which was used in the cult of santeria, which came to Cuba together with slaves. Cuban cigars are chosen by most people in the world because of their unique taste and aroma.

Manufacture of Cuban cigars

Tobacco is grown in Cuba in several regions, and these plantations can be found in almost every part of the island. However, tobacco is not the most common crop in Cuba. It is believed that the most valued tobacco is grown in the west of Cuba. This is due in particular to the ideal climate for growth and the right soil. The combination of high rainfall and high humidity is conducive to tobacco growing. The intensity of these factors is most noticeable in the west.

The best quality cigars are manufactured by experienced masters of the trade. This process requires very high precision and skills, which are gained after many years of production. Cubans can boast a very wide selection of cigars, which include cult types such as: Cohiba, Montecristo, Punch, Bolivar, Fonseca, Partagas. These famous cigars have been awarded the Habanos distinction, which proves that the product comes from a higher shelf and is considered a luxury product. It is worth knowing that real Cuban cigars, which come from original crops, will not be the cheapest.

Where to buy Cuban cigars?

Before cigars are put up for sale, they undergo a quality control process from harvesting to decorating wooden boxes. Interestingly, the production of cigars may take several years. The tobacco leaves are fermented and then ripened. Cigar tasting is sometimes comparable to slow drinking of high quality whiskey. Before smoking, tobacco must be overlapped for several years in order to gain the highest quality properties by removing toxic substances.

Original Cuban cigars can be found in the official shops of Cuba Tabaco, which is not lacking on the island. However, not only there you can get real cigars, as they are also available for sale in city centers, bars. Purchased cigars should be stored in humidors. Another way to store them is to keep them in a plastic bag in a refrigerator drawer.